August N. Santore, Jr. has handled a number of personal injury matters during the last 20 years. August retains some of these cases (such as dog bite claims and basic slip and fall cases), but has begun to refer these cases to highly specialized attorneys.

For example, medical malpractice cases require very specific experience and specialization to properly advance your case. August has a network of attorneys who are among the top attorneys in the state of New Jersey when it comes to advocating a claim and giving the best advice.

August does not charge to review your case and will get you to the best attorney for you. He accompanies you to the initial intake meeting to introduce you, and helps facilitate the discussion to make sure your questions are answered without hesitation. This is an invaluable tool.

August has secured six-figure settlements in a variety of cases over the years and has referred cases resulting in settlements that total in the millions of dollars. August will help, without any cost to you.